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Chart Vending Machine

If you are in need of local charts after regular store hours, our Scottsdale Airport location provides a Vending Machine with local navigational publications. It is located at 15041 N Airport Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.  (A map is provided on our 'About Us' page.)  Lobby Hours are 6 AM to 10 PM MST.

The machine accepts Credit Cards and cash (Coins and One & Five dollar bills).

A sample of items in the machine includes:

-Plotter, E6B Flight Computer, Logbook, Computer Downloads for Far AIM, Airplane Flying Handbook, Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Test Prep for Private License.

- Sectionals, Terminals & WAC's for Phoenix, Southern California, Albuquerque, Las Vegas

- Low Enroute Charts for Arizona

- Approach Plates for Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

- Airport Facility Directory AFD for the Southwest.

For more information or chart availability, please call 480-216-4100.

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